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  • How to Silence a Maytag Dryer Making Loud Noise

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How to Silence a Maytag Dryer Making Loud Noise

maytag dryer making loud noise

Your clothes dryer is typically a reliable appliance that works quietly in the background. However, like any other machine, it may start making loud noises at times, indicating that something is not right. We’ll discuss some common issues that can leave you with a Maytag dryer making loud noise, and how to silence the sound for good.

Why Is My Maytag Dryer Making Loud Noise?

If you find your Maytag dryer making loud noise, there are quite a few potential reasons. Some of these issues can be fixed without any professional help, while others may require the assistance of an appliance repair expert.

Dealing With A Dryer Thumping Noise

A thumping noise is often caused by an unbalanced drum, which can occur if your dryer’s load is unevenly distributed. To fix this issue, you can:

  • Pause the dryer and redistribute the load evenly.
  • Ensure that the dryer is placed on a level surface.

If the problem persists, the drum rollers or the drum itself may be damaged and require professional attention.

Addressing A Dryer Squeaking Or Squealing Noise

A squeaking or squealing noise usually indicates a problem with the dryer’s belt, idler pulley, or drum support rollers. These issues can be fixed by:

  • Inspecting the belt for wear and tear. If it’s damaged, replace it.
  • Checking the idler pulley for signs of damage or wear. Replace it if necessary.
  • Examining the drum support rollers for wear and tear. Replace them if needed.

noisy maytag dryer

These tasks can be performed by following the user manual or watching online tutorials. However, if you’re not confident in your ability to perform these tasks, it’s best to call a professional.

Investigating Maytag Dryer Making Scraping Noise

A grinding or scraping noise might be due to a foreign object trapped between the drum and the dryer’s housing. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the dryer and remove the lint filter.
  • Use a flashlight to inspect the area around the lint filter and drum for any objects such as coins or buttons.
  • If you find any foreign objects, carefully remove them.

If the noise persists, there could be an issue with the drum glides or bearings, which should be inspected and replaced by a professional.

Tackling A Humming Or Buzzing Noise

A humming or buzzing noise can be caused by a malfunctioning motor, which will require professional repair. However, before calling a technician, check the following:

maytag dryer making noise

Maytag Dryer Making Rattling Noise

Rattling noise in your Maytag dryer may be due to loose components, blower wheel issues, or foreign objects. To address these issues, first, unplug the dryer and remove the access panel. Inspect and tighten any loose screws, nuts, or fasteners, and check the blower wheel for damage or secure attachment.

Additionally, examine the area around the lint filter and drum for any foreign objects, such as coins or buttons, and remove them. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, consider contacting a professional for further assistance.

When To Call A Professional

While some issues can be resolved with simple troubleshooting, others require professional expertise. If you’ve tried the steps mentioned above and your dryer continues to make loud noises, it’s time to call a professional. An experienced appliance repair technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently, ensuring that your dryer operates smoothly and quietly once again.

A Maytag dryer making loud noise can be an annoyance, but in many cases, the issue can be resolved without professional help. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can troubleshoot and fix some common problems that cause loud noises in your dryer. However, if the issue persists or you’re unsure of how to proceed, it’s always best to consult with a professional dryer service technician like the ones at Same Day Appliance Repair.

And for more dryer tips, check out our guide on how to speed up your clothes dryer and lower your utility bills!

Table of Contents


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