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Why is My Viking Oven Broiler not Working?

Viking broiler not heating up

Oven malfunctions have a way of leaving you in the dark. So if you find your Viking oven broiler not working you may not know where to begin to solve the problem. From a burned out broil element to a faulty igniter, we’ll troubleshoot a broken broiler to skip the guesswork and pinpoint the glitch.

3 Common Causes for a Viking Oven Broiler not Working

When your Viking oven broiler doesn’t work there are typically three common causes. We’ll discuss:

  • Faulty oven parts
  • What went wrong
  • How to fix the problem

But first, a quick background on broiling can help clarify how this cooking method works.

What Does Broiling Mean?

What is broiling, exactly? The broil element is located at the top of your oven. When food is placed at a close distance underneath this element its direct heat sears the outside and leaves it juicy inside.

Consequently, broiling is ideal for cooking individual portions of meat or fish, particularly thick, flat cuts, to retain juices and preserve tenderness.

Marinated cedar plank salmon on a glass baking tray about to go in the oven.

Broil Element is Burned Out

When you have a Viking oven broiler not working a burned out broil element can be a common culprit. A functioning broiler typically glows red with heat. However, the high heat of this function can sometimes create blistering and breakage on the element itself.

When this happens you’ll notice visible damage as well as uneven heating or a Viking broiler not heating up at all. A burned out heating element cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced.

viking broil element burned out
Photo Credit: Seneca River Trading

Viking Gas Oven Igniter is Weak

When you turn on the oven the igniter works by heating up via an electrical current. When it reaches a certain temperature, the igniter signals the oven’s gas valve to open, allowing gas to flow and ignite the broiler.

Over time the igniter can weaken and be unable to signal the gas valve to open. When this happens, your Viking broiler won’t ignite. To assess the igniter, observe it after the oven has been turned on. If it glows for 90 seconds without igniting the broiler, it’s likely weakened and will need to be replaced.

Bake or Broil Spark Electrode is Worn Out

Another common cause for a Viking oven broiler not working is a worn out spark electrode. When the oven is turned on, this component works with the igniter to help light the broiler. Located in close proximity to the broiler, the spark electrode produces a spark to ignite the gas.

If the spark electrode is faulty or old it can become worn out, leaving it unable to produce a spark. A visual inspection may also show cracks or damage that can also cause malfunctions. In either case, the spark electrode cannot be repaired and requires replacement.

If troubleshooting a Viking oven broiler not working leaves you in need of a repair, Same Day Appliance Repair can help. We have over 20 years of experience with every type of Viking range repair, providing you with the utmost in quality service.

Table of Contents


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