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  • Why is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Beeping and How Do I Stop It?

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Why is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Beeping and How Do I Stop It?

sub zero refrigerator alarm

Sub-Zero refrigerators are known for their durability and performance, but even they can experience problems from time to time. One common issue that homeowners may encounter is an incessant beeping noise emanating from their Sub-Zero fridge. So what’s the reason behind your Sub-Zero refrigerator beeping, and more importantly, how do you stop it?

Why is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Beeping?

There are several potential reasons for a beeping sound coming from your Sub-Zero refrigerator. The most common cause is the door-ajar alarm, which alerts you when one or both of the refrigerator doors are not closed securely. This can prevent the fridge from maintaining a proper temperature. If you notice that the doors appear to be shut properly, check for any obstructions preventing them from closing completely.

What Does the Wrench Symbol Mean on a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

If there is a wrench icon on the display panel, the refrigerator alarm may sound. This indicates that there is a problem with one of the refrigerator’s components and will require service by a qualified technician. Ignoring this warning could lead to further damage and costly repairs, so it is important to schedule a service appointment as soon as possible.

Some common reasons for a service icon accompanying a Sub-Zero refrigerator beeping:

  • Clogged defrost drain.
  • Failure of the refrigerator dispenser to work.
  • Faulty ice maker.
  • Faulty ice dispenser.
  • Failure of the refrigerator to defrost.
  • Warmth in the interior of the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator not cooling.
  • Compressor problems.

How to Silence Sub-Zero Alarm

Depending on the model of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, you can silence alarms for 24 hours. Press and hold the Alarm and Power keys at the same time and release both after five seconds. This will silence the alarm for 24 hours. However, the Sub-Zero refrigerator beeping continues and you cannot silence it, professional service is required.

How to view Fault Codes

Sub-Zero refrigerator error codes will appear on the control panel. Error codes can also be viewed in the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App. To view active error codes in the app, go to settings, information section, and Service Info. Active error codes, if any, will be listed on the Service Info page.

sub zero error codes
Photo Courtesy of Sub-Zero

How to Reset a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

When contacting a Sub-Zero refrigerator repair company, sharing your refrigerator’s model, temperature, and fault codes can help technicians prepare for the service call ahead of time. So be sure to make note of any error codes before resetting them.

To reset a Sub-Zero refrigerator through the control panel, press and hold the “Alarm” button for 15 seconds until “CFC” appears on the display.

You can also reset your Sub-Zero refrigerator at the circuit breaker. Find the refrigerator’s circuit on the circuit breaker and switch it off for 30 seconds before turning it back on. Instructions may differ by model, so refer to your Owner’s Manual for specific instructions on resetting your fridge.

If the alarm or error codes come back after resetting it, contact the Sub-Zero refrigerator repair experts at Same Day Service Company. We’ll send one of our certified technicians to your home to diagnose and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Table of Contents


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