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  • 4 Reasons Your Samsung Washer Lid Won’t Unlock

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4 Reasons Your Samsung Washer Lid Won’t Unlock

samsung washer lid won't unlock

Are you having trouble with your Samsung washing machine’s lid? If your Samsung washer lid won’t unlock, you might be left wondering if you need to replace the whole unit. Before you do that, you’re going to want to stick around to find out how it can be fixed.

This is actually a common repair problem with many washers, not just Samsung. When the lid no longer locks, your washer likely won’t wash your clothes anymore, let alone start. Explore the possible culprits below, and call Same Day Service Company.

We will be happy to inspect your Samsung washer lid and provide a solution to your problem.

Common Problems for Samsung Washer Lid Won’t Unlock

Below are the most likely reasons why your Samsung washer lid won’t unlock. We are experienced in fixing the 4 examples, as well as many others, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

The door lock on your Samsung washer serves to keep the washer door closed during operation. In fact, the washer can’t begin operating until the washer door is securely closed. If your washer’s door lock component is defective, the door will not properly latch leaving you with a Samsung washer lid that won’t unlock.

samsung washing machine lid won't unlock

Either a mechanical or electrical issue can cause the door lock to fail. When you call Same Day Service Company to inspect your door lock, we will look for any signs of damage. If it is damaged and doesn’t latch properly, the best course of action is to replace it.

If the door lock malfunction is due to an electrical failure, we will replace the Samsung washer lid lock bypass switch. We test this with a multimeter to ensure that it still has continuity. If not, the switch needs replaced.

Main Control Board

Another issue we sometimes see with faulty washer lids is a defective main control board. This is rare, but it does happen. The solution for a defective main control board is to replace it.

Door Latch

The door latch is a simple but necessary component to your Samsung washer lid. A defective or damaged door latch will prevent your lid from securely locking and unlocking, thus preventing you from doing laundry. If Samsung washing machine lid won’t unlock, the best thing to do is inspect the door latch and replace it if needed.

Once the door latch has been replaced, your Samsung washer lid will lock again. Please give us a call if your lid won’t lock anymore. We will start with the easiest and most affordable repair solution and work our way in to determine the cause of your problem.

Door Lock

It makes sense that if the door lock assembly is broken or defective that your Samsung washer door locked won’t open. Once again, a simple replacement should get your washing machine working optimally again.

Regardless of why your Samsung washer lid is no longer locking, you can count on Same Day Service Company Appliance Repair to identify and diagnose the problem. Once we have determined the cause, we will communicate our repair plan and proceed with fixing your unit.

Table of Contents


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