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How to Remove Mold Inside of Sub-Zero Refrigerator

how to remove mold inside of sub-zero refrigerator

Mold is not just a gross and unsightly nuisance; it can also be dangerous. Mold grows in dark, moist places, such as bathrooms. However, it can grow in your refrigerator too. For people with bad allergies or sensitive immune systems, mold can cause various uncomfortable symptoms, such as rashes and headaches. Our complete guide will help you remove mold inside of Sub-Zero refrigerator as well as prevent mold.

How to Remove Mold Inside of Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Excessive moisture and food that has gone bad can cause mold to grow inside your Sub-Zero refrigerator. Take action to remove mold inside of Sub-Zero refrigerator as soon as possible.

Clean the Interior of Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator

1. Turn off and remove everything from your fridge, including food, shelves, drawers, and light diffuser.

2. Clean the inside of your refrigerator with a solution of:

  • One quart of warm water
  • Two caps full of bleach
  • A few drops of dish detergent

3. Dry your fridge completely. Leave the doors open and your Sub-Zero refrigerator off to ensure it is completely dry before turning it back on. While the inside of your refrigerator is drying, clean the shelves, drawers, and light diffuser.

Clean the Drawers, Shelves, and Light Diffuser

  1. Allow the drawers, shelves, and light diffuser to warm to room temperature before submerging them in water. Submerging them cold may cause them to shatter and cause injury.
  2. Wipe the drawers and light diffuser with a soft cloth and a solution of mild detergent, baking soda, and water.
  3. Wipe the shelves with a soft cloth and white vinegar.
  4. If mold is under the shelf seal or in the frame, soak the shelf or diffuser overnight in a tub of warm water and 1/10 bleach mixture. You may need to use a can of compressed air or a toothbrush if there is remaining residue.

What Causes Mold to Grow Inside Sub-Zero Refrigerators?

Mold loves to grow in dark, moist places. It’s often found in bathrooms and kitchens; refrigerators can provide the perfect environment for mold to thrive.

Health Concerns Regarding Mold Growing Inside Your Refrigerator

Mold can cause various health problems, including respiratory issues, skin irritation, and headaches. If you have mold growing inside your fridge, it’s crucial to take action to remove it. If you have any health concerns, speak with your doctor.

how to prevent mold in refrigerator
Image Courtesy of Sub-Zero

Tips to Prevent Mold in Your Refrigerator

Condensation can form inside your fridge, providing the moisture that mold needs to grow. Plus, if the food inside your fridge has gone bad, mold can quickly start to grow on it. Routinely inspecting your fridge can prevent mold in Sub-Zero refrigerators.

  • Ensure the correct temperature.

Your Sub-Zero refrigerator should be 38 degrees, and the freezer should be 00.

  • Inspect Door and drawer gaskets for damage.

Damage to the gaskets can cause cold air to escape, therefore causing the temperature inside to be unstable. If the temperature becomes too high, food can spoil faster.

  • Ensure the drain tube isn’t clogged.

A clogged drain tube will prevent condensation from draining. If the condensation cannot drain, it will stay inside the fridge, which creates a moist environment for mold to grow.

  • Don’t overfill your fridge.

Overfilling your fridge can restrict airflow and cause condensation, leading to mold growth.

  • Routinely check for food that has gone bad.

Clean out spoiled food and wipe down shelves if food spillage has occurred.

Following these tips can help prevent mold from growing inside your fridge. If you do find mold growing in your fridge, be sure to take action to remove it and clean the area. If you’ve taken steps to remove and prevent mold, and it still occurs, there may be a more significant issue. Call the Sub-Zero refrigerator repair experts at Same Day Service Company today!

Table of Contents


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