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Kenmore Refrigerator Leaking Water

Troubleshooting Your Kenmore Refrigerator Leaking Water: A DIY Guide

Have you recently discovered your Kenmore refrigerator leaking water? This is a pretty common issue with refrigerators, but don’t sweat it. We’re here to break ...

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Refrigerator Ice Cubes Taste Bad

6 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Ice Cubes Taste Bad or Smelly Funny

Is there anything more refreshing than a cool beverage, complete with ice, on a hot day? The last thing you want when you pour yourself ...

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natural cleaning methods for appliances

Best Natural Cleaning Methods for Your Appliances

Keeping your appliances clean and properly maintained is the best way to keep them working efficiently and for a long time. But using harsh chemicals ...

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sub zero refrigerator alarm

Why is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Beeping and How Do I Stop It?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are known for their durability and performance, but even they can experience problems from time to time. One common issue that homeowners may ...

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cooking appliances

how to clean Viking range burners

Viking Gas Range Burners Won’t Light? Try This…

While Viking range burners are renowned for their cooking power, issues common to all gas ranges can prevent them from lighting. Why are ...

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how to make natural oven cleaner

Best Homemade Oven Cleaner: Natural Ingredients Only!

When cleaning a dirty oven, we often rely on commercial cleaners to get the job done. But these products may contain chemicals that ...

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Viking broiler not heating up

Why is My Viking Oven Broiler not Working?

Oven malfunctions have a way of leaving you in the dark. So if you find your Viking oven broiler not working you may not know ...

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dishwasher leaking from bottom of door

Why Is My Dishwasher Leaking Through Front Door?

Leaking water is never a good thing, especially if it’s coming from your dishwasher. However, despite the inconvenience, there are usually straightforward fixes ...

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laundry appliances

samsung washer lid won't unlock

4 Reasons Your Samsung Washer Lid Won’t Unlock

Are you having trouble with your Samsung washing machine’s lid? If your Samsung washer lid won’t unlock, you might be left wondering if you need ...

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How to Wash a Down Comforter at Home in 4 Easy Steps

While you only need to wash a down comforter every 2-3 years, it can be daunting to wash this large, but delicate, item. ...

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thanksgiving stains

Holiday Cleaning Guide: How to Remove Thanksgiving Food Stains from Clothing

In the minefield of Thanksgiving side dishes, drinks and condiments, most of us won’t escape without a few battle stains on our clothes. To avoid ...

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GE dryer error code check filter

What Do Common GE Dryer Error Codes Mean?

Seeing a code of numbers and letters appear on your GE dryer display can be alarming. Although your dryer is trying to communicate a change ...

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home & family

4th of july clambake ideas

4th of July Clambake at Home: Recipes and Ideas

While there’s nothing wrong with hamburgers and hot dogs, it doesn’t get any more red, white, and blue than an old-fashioned clambake. But ...

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st patrick's day parade boston 2020

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Boston 2020 – Dates, Times, & Routes

*UPDATE 3/10/2020*

The luck o’ the Irish is upon us! St. Patrick’s Day in ...

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