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  • Troubleshooting Your Kenmore Refrigerator Leaking Water: A DIY Guide

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Troubleshooting Your Kenmore Refrigerator Leaking Water: A DIY Guide

Kenmore Refrigerator Leaking Water

Have you recently discovered your Kenmore refrigerator leaking water? This is a pretty common issue with refrigerators, but don’t sweat it. We’re here to break down the mystery and guide you through some solutions before your refrigerator or kitchen floor can sustain water damage.

Why Is My Kenmore Refrigerator Leaking Water?

Perplexed by your Kenmore’s newfound love for creating puddles? Let’s cut through the confusion and explore the typical culprits behind your Kenmore refrigerator leaking water.

Water Lines Leaking

Why is my Kenmore refrigerator leaking underneath? Water lines transport water to your ice maker and water dispenser. But when they’re damaged or loose, they’ll turn your kitchen into a water wonderland. And not in a good way.

To fix this, follow the water lines from their source right up to your refrigerator. Keep a sharp eye on any telltale signs of damage. It could be kinks, bulges, or some suspiciously damp spots. Find something that doesn’t sit right. Roll up those sleeves and change the faulty line. But hey, don’t forget to hit the pause button on your water supply first! And if this job feels like a bit too much, you can always call a technician.

Door Gasket Not Sealing

Why is my fridge leaking water inside? The door seals – or gaskets – create an airtight seal keeping the cold air inside. If these are worn out or damaged, they could cause cooling issues in your fridge, resulting in condensation and leaks.

Inspect the seals for any cracks or signs of wear and tear. Clean them up if they’re dirty and replace them if they’re damaged. It’s a simple enough task that should take just a few minutes.

Why is my Kenmore refrigerator leaking underneath

Drain Pan Issues

Right at the bottom of the refrigerator, the drain pan stands like a faithful soldier catching any condensation from the fridge. However, it isn’t invincible. With time, it may crack or suffer damage, leading to leaks.

To sort this out, pull the drain pan out, check for damage, and ensure it can sit flat. If it’s in bad condition, you’ll need to switch it to a new one. This is a no-fuss process and doesn’t demand any special tools.

Water Inlet Valve Malfunctioning

The water inlet valve is your fridge’s water traffic controller. If it’s having a bad day or it’s feeling loose, you’re looking at a leak. Located at the rear of your fridge, this little gadget controls the water flow.

To fix it, replace the valve. But remember, safety first! Switch off the water supply before you dive in. And if swapping the valve doesn’t do the trick, it might be time to call in the cavalry.

Defrost Drain Issues

Sometimes, a blocked defrost drain can force water to invade the lower compartments of your fridge instead of peacefully flowing into the drain pan. And what’s the culprit? Often, food particles or debris can cause the drain to overflow. The evaporator coils can also freeze, which can cause this issue as well.

To fix this, you can give the drain a good old flush using warm water. Where is the defrost drain in a Kenmore refrigerator? It’s usually located towards the back below the evaporator coils. A small funnel or turkey baster should do the job. For stubborn clogs, a pipe cleaner or straightened hanger can come in handy. If it’s frozen, you can defrost the refrigerator, which should that out the evaporator coils.

Where is the defrost drain in a Kenmore refrigerator

Leaky Ice Maker

The ice maker is another common spot for leaks. If it’s overflowing, chances are the water pressure in your home is too high or the timer that controls the on/off cycle of the ice maker is broken. If your ice maker isn’t making ice, there’s a good chance it’s connected to the leaking problem.

You can adjust the water pressure on your own but if the timer is broken, you might need to replace the ice maker itself. Remember, turn off the power and water supply before tinkering with the ice maker!

Hopefully, now you have a pretty solid handle on what might be causing your Kenmore refrigerator to leak water. But remember, not all heroes wear capes – some call a pro! If your Kenmore refrigerator continues its water-leaking issues, reach out to your friends at Same Day Service Company. We’re your local refrigerator service experts and we’ll get your appliances fixed quickly.

Table of Contents


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