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  • What Do Common GE Dryer Error Codes Mean?

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What Do Common GE Dryer Error Codes Mean?

GE dryer error code check filter

Seeing a code of numbers and letters appear on your GE dryer display can be alarming. Although your dryer is trying to communicate a change in function, it’s hard to fix dryer error codes when you can’t speak its language. We’ll help you understand the most common GE dryer code errors like Clean Filter and SENSE so that the communication is clear.

Identify and Clear GE Dryer Error Codes

Not all error codes are created equal. While some do indicate a malfunction, others appear as part of normal function. Learn how to fix and clear GE dryer error codes.

Note: Many issues can be solved with a simple reset. How do you reset a GE dryer? Turn the dryer off, then on again to reset it. Or you can press the reset button on the dryer plug. If this does not clear your error, see the troubleshooting guide below.

Error Code E3-E6

What it Means: Codes E3-E6 typically indicate thermistor errors. A thermistor is a temperature sensitive device that measures the temperature inside the dryer drum. If the drum overheats, the thermistor’s response signals the control panel to turn off the dryer. Due to their repeated exposure to high temperatures, thermistors can malfunction over time, resulting in the above error codes.

How to Fix: A malfunctioning thermistor will need to be assessed for loose wires or damage and replaced if necessary. To reset a GE dryer after error codes E3-E6, unplug the dryer, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cord.

Error Code E7

What it Means: This code usually appears when there is an electrical connection failure. The issue could involve the electrical cord or outlet or the dryer’s circuit breaker.

How to Fix: Make sure your dryer is properly plugged in to the correct electrical outlet. Electrical dryers may require a higher voltage outlet to receive adequate power. Also assess the dryer’s circuit breaker, checking for blown fuses or flipped breakers. Unplug the dryer and reconnect it after 30 seconds to clear the code.

Error Code E11

What it Means: This is one of those GE dryer error codes that could suggest a larger problem. Code 11 signifies an issue with the dryer drum motor. The motor may not be turning properly or one of its switches requires replacement.

How to Fix: Replacing a GE dryer switch can be done at home if you’re an experienced DIYer. However, we recommend a professional service to assess other motor malfunctions and replace any switches if doing so is outside your comfort zone. After a repair, the code will be cleared after power to the dryer is restored.

Error Code E14

What it Means: This common code will flash on the display if one of the control panel keys is stuck. If the key is stuck in a certain position, that function will be unable to operate normally.

How to Fix: Sometimes a dirty control panel can cause stuck keys. Wipe down the control panel with a damp cloth, gently rubbing around each key. In other instances, simply unplugging the dryer for 30 seconds and restoring power will clear this code and release any buttons. If these measures don’t work, the control panel may be faulty and require replacement.

Error Code Clean Filter

What it Means: Unlike other GE dryer error codes that indicate a malfunction, GE dryer error code check filter is simply a reminder. The code appears as a prompt to clean the lint filter at the end of every drying cycle.

How to Fix: This code will only disappear when a new drying cycle is begun. It can’t be disabled and cleaning the lint filter won’t clear the code.

GE dryer error codes
Photo Credit: GE Appliances

Error Code SENSE

What it Means: Some GE dryers have an Estimated Total Cycle Time on the control panel. As part of this function, the dryer assesses the moisture level of a particular load and estimates the amount of drying time it requires.

So what does flow sense mean on a GE dryer? During the drying cycle, SENSE will flash as the dryer continually assesses the moisture level of your load. Once no more moisture is detected, the drying cycle will end.

How to Fix: SENSE indicates a normal dryer function and not a malfunction. It cannot be cleared and will disappear from the display when the dryer cycle ends.

We hope this helped decipher the most common GE dryer error codes so you and your dryer are always on the same page. If any of these codes leave you in need of a dryer repair, Same Day Appliance Repair can help. Call us to schedule a fast and expert repair!

Table of Contents


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