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Celebrate Halloween with These DIY Appliance Costume Ideas

appliance costume idea

Halloween night is filled with the fun of dressed-up witches, goblins, and characters of all types. However, are you in search of a more creative Halloween costume idea? Consider an appliance-themed Halloween! Our list of creative Halloween costume DIY ideas is sure to delight. Here are some of our favorite appliance costume ideas for this Halloween.

Creative DIY Appliance Costume Ideas

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite appliance-themed Halloween costumes that are easy to make yourself, or with your children. Most of these costumes require just a few supplies, but a whole lot of creativity and imagination. Enjoy!

Refrigerator Running Costume

A play on the old joke, “Is your refrigerator running?”: Consider a refrigerator running costume. This appliance costume idea is easy to make at home with a large cardboard box and your favorite running shoes. Customize your “refrigerator” to fit your style with creative mock-magnets, decorations, and more.

refrigerator running costume
Image Source: Your Tango


Perhaps your little refrigerator doesn’t like to run but still prefers a creative Halloween costume DIY. This kids refrigerator costume is chock full of details, down to favorite foods being kept inside the costume’s faux doors. Empty refrigerated product boxes and bags are easy to glue inside, adding even more dimension and detail.

kids refrigerator costume
Image Source: Sew Can Do


Laundry Room Group Costume

Looking for a great group Halloween costume? Consider a laundry room group costume theme! This Halloween costume DIY is a great activity for the whole family to work on together. Similar to the refrigerator running costume, you’ll need to gather large boxes to create the main body of each costume. Allow the kids to customize their appliance costume idea with as many details as they’d like to add, from empty detergent bottles to a small pile of folded clothes.

laundry room group costume
Image Source: UpCycle That

Laundry Basket Costume

Include Mom and Dad in the laundry group Halloween costumes with a creative (and easy!) laundry basket costume! Cut the bottom out of an inexpensive plastic laundry basket to create the body of this Halloween costume DIY. Tuck in some clothes and towels around the waistline, grab an empty container or two of detergent, and voila! This appliance costume idea is complete.

laundry basket costume
Image Source: Love 2 Dream Do You

Bun in the Oven Costume

Another appliance costume idea for an expectant mother plays on the old phrase “a bun in the oven”. Like many of our other appliance costume ideas, this creative Halloween costume DIY is easily achieved with a cardboard box and bit of creativity. The bun in the oven costume can easily incorporate the expectant father as the “chef” of the exciting treat, donning a chef’s hat and a mixing bowl and spoon.

bun in the oven costume
Image Source: The Maternity Gallery


Dust Bunny Costume

For a creative kids costume idea, consider your little one dressing up in a DIY dust bunny costume. Kids will love the silliness that this costume invites on Halloween night. A grungy white oversized t-shirt, some cotton pillow filling, a bunny mask, and a creative kid will make this costume a hit. Making this Halloween costume DIY with your children is a great activity leading up to Halloween, as well.

dust bunny costume
Image Source: Practical Whimsy Designs

Vacuum Cleaner Costume

Does your little one in the dust bunny costume have a sibling or best friend looking for a creative Halloween costume? Create a group theme with a vacuum cleaner costume to run alongside your Dust Bunny while trick-or-treating.

Vacuum Cleaner Costume
Image Source: Emily B.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of our favorite DIY appliance costume ideas, and perhaps created a bit of inspiration for your creative Halloween costume this year! From all of us at Same Day Appliance Repair, we wish you joyful fall and happy Halloween!

Table of Contents


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