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6 Best Summer Freezer Meals

shrimp tacos

Summer fun is just around the corner but can leave little time (or motivation) for cooking. Fortunately, a little springtime preparation can stock your freezer with dinners that are ready in minutes. What are the best summer freezer meals? Salsa verde chicken is marinated and frozen before thawing for a quick turn on the grill. Prep these simple freezer meals for summer now to make the most of warm nights ahead.

Cut Your Kitchen Time With These Summer Freezer Meals

A little prep work now means less time in a hot kitchen during the dog days of summer. These summer freezer meals can be assembled, or even cooked, in advance before freezing for easy grilling or reheating.

Pork Tenderloin With Seasoned Rub

This recipe gets its flavor from a rub of simple pantry spices like garlic powder, dried oregano, and cumin. Simply coat the uncooked tenderloin in the rub before freezing in a tightly-sealed freezer bag. Thaw completely before grilling or roasting and serving with your favorite summer side.

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best summer freezer meals

Salsa Verde Chicken

Salsa verde chicken is one of those healthy summer freezer meals that uses chicken tenders, so the meat grills in minutes. Meanwhile, the marinade provides zesty Mexican flavor from fresh lime juice, chile powder, and premade salsa verde. Need an even quicker dinner? Freeze the grilled chicken and defrost before reheating in the microwave or serving over salad.

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freezer meals

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Leave the taco kit on the grocery store shelf with this easy summer freezer meal. Instead of meat, use shrimp or white fish that’s full of flavor from a spicy rub. Just assemble the rub and bag it separately from the frozen fish before storing with tortillas in the freezer. After defrosting your kit, toss the shrimp in the rub before sauteing or grilling. Serve in the warmed tortillas with fresh lime juice, tomatoes and avocado.

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shrimp tacos

Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Sandwich

Though your trusty slow cooker can come to the rescue any night of the year, freezer crockpot meals are ideal for summer. The boneless chuck roast in this recipe can be slow-cooked in barbecue sauce, shredded, and frozen before thawing and reheating. Alternatively, place the seasoned raw meat in a freezer bag and cover it with barbecue sauce before sealing and freezing. After thawing, cook in the crockpot and serve on hamburger buns for an easy dinner full of slow-cooked BBQ flavor.

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beef freezer meal

Homemade Frozen Pizza

While frozen pizza has no season, it can be one of the easiest summer make ahead meals. What’s the key to homemade frozen pizza? Make several individual servings for easy freezing and par-bake the dough to keep them crisp instead of soggy. Top with sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings before freezing on a cookie sheet and wrapping tightly in plastic wrap and foil. When the craving hits, unwrap and bake the frozen pizzas for 10 minutes.

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freezer pizzas diy

Veggie Burgers

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a go-to burger recipe and this veggie version will have even devout carnivores looking for more. This meatless burger gets its smoky flavor from mushrooms and crushed walnuts seasoned with smoked paprika and sriracha. Combining short grain brown rice with the other ingredients while it’s still warm helps the burgers hold their shape before freezing.

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With a few meal prep tips, you can be fully stocked with easy summer freezer meals. Is a malfunction keeping your freezer from doing its job? Call Same Day Appliance Repair for a quality kitchen appliance repair.

Table of Contents


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